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Make a 7D spin-off series starring Hildy and Grim Gloom

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Hello everyone, so as most of you 7D fans know, the show is most likely going to be cancelled. Though this is sad to hear, this has also given me an idea. What if Disney XD made a spinoff series starring the Glooms, two of the most beloved characters from the 7D, as the main characters!

This petition will be about trying to convince the people at Disney, Disney XD, as well as the people who made the 7D to make this happen.

Here are my ideas of what the show should be about.

The show takes place a few years after the events of the 7D. A new kingdom has been made where magic users, magical creatures, adventurers, and ordinary people live amongst each other in one community, and Hildy Gloom is made queen of this land. The main focus of the show will be how Hildy tries to get use to her new responsibilities as queen, to make the kingdom thrive while also getting into wacky situations with her husband, Grim, and there 3 children, as well as there friends.

A big difference I have for the spinoff show is that unlike the 7D, which purposely aimed at a younger audience, the show targets people of all ages. The show will still have wacky funny themes like on the 7D, but it will also show themes that target to older kids in the show, like humor that aims at older viewers, drama and violent tones, which could take in the form of spell casting, sword fights, and maybe classic fist fights for example. I pretty much picture the show being like Gravity Falls, Ben 10, and SVTFOE in a way, (they have violence and drama in it as well as humor that doesn’t always just aim to kids 6 and below). Another difference is that the show won't have that reality show gag that was shown on the 7D, cause it kinda ruins the mood of the show in my opinion.

The show will obviously star the Glooms but they will be a bit different then what they were on the 7D.

Hildy, for example, since having children and achieving her dream of being a queen is a bit kinder, more patient, and less immature then she was before, though she still acts like her old self from time to time. Grim, though still dumb and clumsy, is a bit smarter now then he was on the 7D. Having kids has made him grow up a bit too, resulting in him being more mature. He is also more confident of stand up to Hildy from time to time, what I mean by this is that, unlike in the 7D, he can say no to Hildy whenever she want Grim to get/do something for her and telling her that doing something might be a bad idea.

I can also see Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom returning to the show, but mostly just as minor characters in some episodes. I mostly see them as being mentioned a lot in the series, as having a better kingdom, which encourages Hildy to try and out do Queen D. In the few episodes I can picture them having a role in, I seem them (or at least Queen Delightful) trying to befriend the Glooms, since they no longer try and take over Queen Delightful’s throne anymore but there is still tension between them from all the constant plots to overthrow them in the past and Hildy still gets jealous of Delighful from time to time. The Crystal Ball would return as well, who is pretty much the same as before, but with better comedic material, instead of just saying puns.

Since this will be a new series, new characters will obviously be introduced.

The Gloom children will obviously count as new characters. My idea has them having two boys and a girl. Though I don’t have any solid names for them yet I got some possible ideas for there personalities.

The oldest boy is nice like his father and cleaver like his mother, and is very skilled in magic but doesn’t like to use it unless its it necessary (because he believes using magic to solves everything is a bad habit). He has trouble making friends because of his parent’s history of trying to take over Jollywood. The second oldest (which is the girl) is a troublemaker, just like her mother was, who likes to use her magic to pull pranks on people and cause chaos. Though she is good at planning pranks for fun, she isn’t as smart as her older brother. The last Gloom child is about 4 to 5 years old. He likes having fun, learning about using magic, and looks up to his older brother and sister. He is at the age when his magic using abilities start to show, so it usually causing trouble when he gets emotional. Speaking of emotions, like his mother in the 7D, he acts bratty when he sees something he wants and is willing to go to great lengths to get it.

There personalities aren’t set in stone, I’d be ok if the kid’s personalities were a bit different then what I came up with.

An idea for a character I had is a young human adventurer; I don’t have a solid name for him yet so Ill just call him Steve for now. Steve is the Gloom’s neighbor and is a close friend to the Gloom family, even Hildy, though they don’t see eye to eye all the time. He works as the captain of defense for the Gloom's kingdom. He is a good, friendly person and a skilled fighter mastering the art of the sword. Though good, he isn’t afraid of doing bad things, like fight people to help protect his friends and family. 

I also thought up the idea that he has an adoptive young daughter that is a frankenstein monster and is the same age as the glooms youngest child. The child could be sweet and kind though when emotional, can shock people around her, cause she acquired some electrical powers from the lighting bolt that brought her to life.

Another character I had is a young female character named Isabelle, who is Hildy’s appointed advisor as well as new/closest friend. She is a kind person, who likes her job because it lets help brings all kinds of people together so they can learn to get along. Though she likes her job she is afraid of failing at it. She also is a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people. Maybe later in the series she and the adventurer I mentioned earlier develop feelings for each other ?

Now to talk about the antagonists of the show. I see Snazzy Shazam as a main villain of the show, where she is the evil ruler/dictator of her own kingdom. Her main goal in the show is to take control over Hildy’s kingdom, which is an important key for her to continue her plan to take over the world. Like the Glooms, she is a bit different then what she was like on the 7D. She is more evil then shown on the 7D, gets really angry when she loses, especially to Hildy, and secretly have a crush on Grim, which could explain why she would always work to outdo Hildy in everything.

Another reappearing antagonist I had in mind is a village man who has a bad history with magic users because when he was younger, a discount birthday magician messed up on a magic trick that involved him, not only causing him to have a fear/hatred for magic users but also leaving a bad scar. After he learns that a witch and warlock have become rulers of the new land, he does whatever he can to overthrow them.

For minor villains I had an idea of theses idiotic goblin brothers who main goal in the show is to, after hearing rumors, try and steal the Gloom’s vast treasure (though unbeknownst to them they don’t have that much treasure).

Another minor character I had is named “Shadow”. He is Steve’s mysterious archenemy who is driven only by power, wealth, and getting revenge on Steve. His reason for hating Steve isn’t explained at first but slowly gets revealed as the series progress. He is an equally skilled fighter as Steve, and though he wins fights over him from time to time, something always prevents him from getting his revenge on him.

Though these are just a list of rough ideas for a spinoff show, if it didn’t have any of this stuff would you still want watch a show staring the Glooms ? If the answer is yes then sign this petition.

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