Keep a Disney Store location open in Memphis,TN

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     The Disney Store in the Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis,TN has been a part of our community in that spot for over twenty years. Recently, they announced that they will be closing with less than 15 days notice for no reason.A sign out front says they will be closing on January 15. This family friendly store will not be relocating anywhere in the mall or in the city of Memphis. Being that this is the last Disney Store in the city and the next closest Disney Store being over 200 miles away makes the closing of this store even more upsetting and unacceptable for their loyal customers and cast members/employees .The Disney Stores have been a part of our community for a long time and closing The Disney store would take jobs from cast members/employees who have been there at least 10 years. This would also remove one of the few kid friendly and positive impacts in our mall. Our town is thriving. We the undersigned request that the Disney Store remain open in the Wolfchase Galleria Mall or within the Memphis area. Please sign the petition to keep The Disney Store open in Memphis, TN so we can continue to enjoy a magical shopping experience.