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Help Families in Poverty Get to Disney!

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Remember back in the good old days when it only cost like $10 to go to a Disney theme park? Yeah, neither do I. Nowadays it to costs more than $100 just for a day of fun. To families like mine, who don't even have enough money to pay the electric bill every month, it's very disappointing. Especially to kids who want to support the family financially, but are too young to get a job.

My goal for creating this petition is to get the Disney theme parks (in Florida and California) to lower their prices. $40 is MORE than enough for a day, and $80 for a week is completely reasononable. The road trip or the plane ride to the park would cost enough money as it is, and then adding the admission into the parks, the food, stores within the place, and the ride back home is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.

Poor families shouldn't have to decide between going on a weekend trip to Disney or dinner for the next week. Some people, though, can't do enough to stop the poverty chain. The least theme parks could do is lower their prices. It'll definitely help take some stress off of our shoulders.

So if you agree, please sign this petition! The more signatures, the more of a chance for poor families to take a break from their worrries. What do you say?

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