Release a filmed stage production of Frozen with the most recent Broadway cast

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When Frozen officially opened on Broadway in March 2018, it quickly became a fan-favorite with audiences young and old. We were blessed to have incredible talent like Patti Murin as Anna, Caissie Levy as Elsa, Jelani Alladin as Kristoff, John Riddle as Hans, Greg Hildreth as Olaf, and so many wonderful men and women who encompassed both the supporting characters and ensemble of this amazing show.

The story, sets, songs, and characters took on a whole new dimension as it was brought to life on stage, and as Olaf so eloquently put it, "Some things are worth melting for." I was lucky to see this show twice on Broadway with much of the original cast, and it was truly a magical experience.

Like so many fans, we were saddened by the departure of much of the original cast in early 2020 but were excited and hopeful by the incoming talent of great actors who would replace Patti Murin and Caissie Levy as Anna and Elsa. McKenzie Kurtz and Ciara Renée would take on the roles with grace, energy, and passion as the original leading ladies have done for the past two years (including their out of town tryouts in Denver, CO). Also joining these ladies was Ryan McCartan (well-known from Liv & Maddie and Wicked), and they officially had their first Broadway performances on 18 February 2020. (I would also like to mention that Noah J. Ricketts and Ryann Redmond were promoted to their respective roles as Kristoff and Olaf after Jelani Alladin and Greg Hildreth left the show in 2019.)

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Broadway was shut down on 12 March 2020.

Ms. Kurtz, Ms. Renée, and Mr. McCartan only had the opportunity to play Anna, Elsa, and Hans for roughly three weeks. Much of the cast and crew were keeping their fingers crossed that they would be able to return to the show once the pandemic was over. Then, a dark day came for Frozen fans across the country on 14 May 2020. Disney announced that Frozen would not be returning to Broadway when the pandemic ended.

I was crushed, to say the least, along with hundreds, even millions, of others who had the chance to see this show more than once or hadn't even seen the show at all. What was especially heartbreaking was that Ms. Kurtz's Broadway debut was cut so drastically short by the pandemic, and many of the actors and crew members associated with the show are now out of work.

Disney had the opportunity to do a filmed stage version of the award-winning Broadway version of Newsies in 2017 with Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan Bolger, Ben Frankhauser, and Tommy Bracco reprising their roles from the original Broadway show. It was a hit among fans of the show and continues to be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. And who could forget releasing the filmed stage version of Hamilton with the original Broadway cast on Disney+ to resounding fanfare in 2020?

What's to stop Disney from doing a filmed stage version of Frozen? Especially with the cast members who's time in Arendelle was cut so short by the pandemic? 

Fans of both the movie and the Broadway musical want a filmed stage version of Frozen with this cast so it can be shown to audiences across the country and around the world. Yes, I am aware that the national tour began their travels across the country and several cities around the world slated to have the show premiere on stage when the pandemic is over if it hasn't already. But we want the most recent Broadway cast who took the roles to heart before it ended all too soon so we can enjoy it for many years to come.

To the Walt Disney Company and Disney on Broadway, please hear our cry: make a filmed stage version of Frozen the Musical with McKenzie Kurtz, Ciara Renée, Ryan McCartan, and the rest of the most recent Broadway cast reprising their roles. We would watch it over and over again, and you owe it to the fans all over the country and the world to bring this story to new fans and those of us who have seen it over a dozen times. Plus, it would inspire a new generation of fans to go see live theatre if Frozen the Musical was filmed and made accessible to audiences across the country and the world.

Please consider making a filmed stage version of Frozen the Musical with Mckenzie Kurtz, Ciara Renée, Ryan McCartan, and the rest of the most recent Broadway cast reprising their roles before the pandemic shut down the show for good. Please listen to the fans who enjoy this story very much, and let this show be accessible to all of us.