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Have Disney Stream The Last Jedi for Hospital-Bound Kids!

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Fight Cancer with Star Wars! Let's petition Disney to provide a secure stream of The Last Jedi for any Star Wars fans, who are stuck in the hospital or unable to make it to the theater. I was recently trapped in the hospital myself battling cancer and I was afraid I would miss the movie in theaters. So I started a campaign on Twitter to raise awareness for all the kids stuck in my position, and I ended up getting the attention of Mark Hamill and Laura Dern! Join the cause to fight cancer and make Star Wars streamable for the kids who need it most!

There is another petition that has been getting a lot of attention to strike The Last Jedi from canon and remake the entire movie. Now, I respect if you did not like the movie, just don't see it again and stop whining. At least give others the chance to see it first and make up their own minds. But do you really expect Disney to pull the plug on the biggest cash cow of its career just to appease a bunch of nerds, who didn't like seeing Luke Skywalker with a beard? Also, it is extremely disrespectful to the memory of Carrie Fisher, as well as anyone who worked on the movie to request that they erase it from existence like Alderaan. Star Wars clearly means a lot to so many people, but rather than petition Disney to remove a perfectly good film from the world, why not make it available to hospitalized kids, who need a spark of hope in their bleak situations?

Join the cause to petition Disney to make The Last Jedi streamable for all those fighting the real battle. Help me, internet, you're my only hope.

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