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Give Ron Gilbert the intellectual property for the Monkey Island series!

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Ron Gilbert has stated many times that he would've done things differently. He wanted to finish the series in his own way. I say we should let him. The Original two games were the best by far, and I want to see what else this guy had up his sleeve. Apparently, there has actually been a Secret to Monkey Island all along. I think everyone wants to know what it is. The only problem is, Ron Gilbert doesn't own the intellectual property for the series he made.

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past several years; Lucasarts, the company Ron Gilbert worked for, was bought out by Disney. This means that Disney now owns the intellectual property for the series. Since they've owned the series, they've done absolutely nothing with it! They've essentially left it to rot!

I, for one, refuse to stand for this! I know there are people out there who care about the ultimate fate of this masterpiece! That's why I made this petition.

I think Disney should give Ron Gilbert the intellectual property for the series so that he can realise his vision. He's wanted to do this himself for so long. It's only right that he, as the one who began the series, should be the one to end it.

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