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Get Zootopia Merchandise Back on Store Shelves

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                         Petition to Get Zootopia Merchandise Back in Stores

It seems that Disney has turned its back on Zootopia while films that saw much less box office success like Secret Life of Pets, Ice Age Meltdown, Moana, Sing and Cars 3 still have their merchandise on shelves months after these movies were no longer in theaters. At the same time films that were in theaters 2 years or more ago like Frozen, Cars 1 & 2 and Inside-Out still have their merchandise on store shelves! Many Zootopia fans feel like Disney has no faith in this film, even after it grossed over $1 Billion in box-office revenue and won a Golden Globe and Oscar for best animated picture of 2016! Based on merchandise sales alone you would think Zootopia was as unsuccessful as Norm of the North!
Merchandise sales is what promotes the image of a film. Constant exposure of any product or franchise imprints its name into the minds of people the world over. Coca Cola did this so well the have not had to change their logo since 1944! But It seems that the animated film industry prefers to promote mindless entertainment, that is films that make studios tons of cash like the Emoji Movie and Cars 2 which require much less creativity and writing. The studios are taking advantage of the fact that children’s minds often are not developed enough to fully appreciate and desire developed plot over mindless slap-stick humor. There is no inherit problem to these films, but they do not teach any wholesome lessons. Children need more than just a cheap laugh all the time! They need wholesome storylines like those in Finding Dory which teaches kids about what it’s like to be born with a disability, or Zootopia which teaches kids not to be raciest and that “Anyone can be anything”. Too much exposure to immature slap-stick puts some children in an immature state and shorten their attention spans. This which may make it easier to sell toys to them, but does not help them grow mentally and emotionally. This is why we should promote films like Zootopia that teach lessons that will help children grow and mature. We want Zootopia back on store shelves because we are tired of Disney and other companies like Illumination, Sony and DreamWorks only seeing dollar signs and not putting more substance and life lessons into their films as Disney/ Pixar used to almost always use to do. We think that a film with the following achievements deserves better recognition from its own production company, Disney!

• 4th Highest grossing animated film ever made
• 3rd highest grossing animated film ever made by Disney or Pixar
• 2nd highest grossing animated non- Pixar Disney film ever made behind Frozen
• Surpassed the Lion King’s box office earnings by $55.5 million
• 2nd Highest box office earing film of 2016 behind Captain America Civil War
• #1 highest grossing animated with an all anaphoric /animal cast ever made!
• Achieved all of the above box office records spite not getting a Summertime release date!
• 2016 Golden Globe winner of “Best Animated Picture of the Year!
• Won Oscar for Best Animated Film of 2016!
• Made almost triple the amount of money as Cars 3!

Not to mention that PAW Patrol a T.V. Nick J.R. series featuring a dog police officer makes $245 million! /year. Why would a police fox be any different aside from having red fur and being a little more Wilde? And a bunny police officer who’s not a feminist what a great role model for little girls! Disney, we want to see this movie get just as much attention as Finding Dory, Cars or Frozen! We want to see merchandise like toys, Disney Infinity action figures, regular action figures, posters and books on the shelves at least through December 2019! Zootopia fans if you’re tired of not finding merchandise and memorabilia of your favorite sly fox Nicholas Piberius Wilde, dumb bunny Officer Judy Hopps and D… … …M … … …V … … … Sloth… … …Flash, please sign this petition!

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