Fire Liu Yifei as Mulan in the upcoming "Mulan" remake

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The actress, Liu Yifei (劉亦菲), in the upcoming Mulan remake has recently posted a picture on social media supporting police brutality and the use of physical violence on innocent civilians.

For over two months, Hongkongers have been protesting for the withdrawal of the extradition bill, and fighting for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

However, the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) have been using excessive force to disburse peaceful protestors, firing tear gas and rubber bullets point blank at not only protestors, but citizens, first aiders and journalists. The ruthless HK police also have been ignoring the riot control weapons’ safety protocol, causing serious damage to civilians at the scene and even threatening the lives of bystanders and residents nearby. 

The police also blocked first aiders’ medical help to the wounded. After arresting the protestors, they denied the arrestee’s right to a lawyer and sexually assaulted several female protestors. It is clear that the HK Police Force are abusing their power and treating the protestors with physical violence and neglecting their basic human rights.

And yet, there are still people, including several Chinese news publications and celebrities, backing the HKPF and posting pictures or slogans on social media supporting the police and encouraging violence. 

Recently, Liu Yifei, the actress portraying Mulan in the upcoming Disney Mulan remake, has also expressed her support to the Hong Kong police. On 14th August, she shared a picture with the words “I support the Hong Kong police. You can beat me now”. As a naturalized American citizen, she is enjoying the freedom and liberty the United States was built upon, while endorsing a completely opposite idea promoted by a repressive regime.

For decades, the Walt Disney Company upholds a gold standard for family friendly messages and has produced tremendous amount of contents advocating the idea of harmonious society and empowerment. It will be totally irresponsible for an influential global company like Disney to release a movie with the lead actress openly promoting police brutality

Every time a new addition to the Disney princess catalogue will lead to a new generation of young girls looking up to her as their role model. So casting an actress like Liu, who glorifies self-harm and suppresses basic human rights, as Mulan would only result in promoting such violent, cruel and inhumane thoughts to youngsters around the world.

We demand the Walt Disney Company to fire Liu Yifei and cut ties with the actress to stop harming the public immediately.

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