Fire Bob Iger As CEO of Disney/Make Disney and Star Wars Great Again. Drain the swamp.

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Bob Iger must be gone. Ever since Iger took over, he has been destroying the magic of Disney. All he cares about is money and it really shows. We won't allow that. Not only that Disney Is also doing very poorly under Iger’s leadership. He has overstayed his welcome.

If you are someone who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s, and hate the direction the parks are going. Please sign this petition.
If you are sick of idenity politics and political correctness (even people who hate Donald Trump are sick of it) Please sign.

If you feel that Disney is ruining Star Wars and bastardizing the expanded universe and movies. Please sign.

He took away special assistance pass for kids for kids with disabilities. If you are disgusted by that. Please sign and especially share.

Think Universal Studios should be in charge of Marvel instead of Disney. Please sign.

Feel that Disney parks have gotten too crowded? Please sign.

Think Roseanne Barr was wrongfully fired? Please sign.

Want better wages for people who work at Disney? Please sign. 

Afraid Disney is becoming a Monopoly? Please sign.

Iger is cancer to Disney. That cancer needs to be cured. Please sign and share this petition.

Remember. We are the silent majority!