Don't Make Herbie Talk!

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It has recently been announced by Disney that a television reboot series based on everyone's favorite VW beetle with a heart, Herbie the Love Bug, is being developed for Disney XD. While many of us Herbie fans are delighted to hear about the possible return of a beloved character, Disney's plans for the reboot involve having Herbie be a TALKING  vehicle built by the government, and that simply just makes no sense.

The original Herbie was loyal, mischievous, stubborn, competitive but still very cheerful and lovable, and he was able to show that to us, the audience, without having to say a single word. And he didn't need to be a spy car with a bunch of gadgets to be special, we loved him just as he is; as a humble little vintage race car. 

Herbie absolutely deserves a reboot. And a TV series sounds like an amazing idea, but it should stay true to the key elements that made Herbie so endearing in the original films. And that includes keeping Herbie silent. If he needs to communicate, he can occasionally just honk his horn like in the original movies.

Please sign this petition to make Disney consider  a script change in this reboot, to remove Herbie's voice completely and bring back the original character.


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