Give The Ownership Of Star Wars Back To George Lucas

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Canceled, Several Video Games With Guaranteed Potential Canceled, Several Workers Losing Their Jobs, Expanded Universe After 37 Years Is Disbanded, All Video Game Rights To EA, Star Wars: Rebels, No More Robot Chicken Or Family Guy Star Wars Episodes, And A Cinematic Universe Making Sequels Until The Day We Die. Need I Say More? Recently In 2012, Walt Disney Company Made A Deal With The Creator Of Star Wars, George Lucas. In This Deal, Lucas Sold A $30 Billion Franchise To Disney For $4 Billion. When I First Heard About This Business Transaction, I Was Skeptical On How This Would Play Out But Now I Think My Mind Has Been Made Up And I Don't Think I Can Deal With Them Owning The Franchise Any Longer. First, After Disney Bought The Franchise, They Immediately Fired 93% Of All The Workers At LucasArt, Leaving Only 10 Employees Left Behind And The Cancellation Of Future Games That Had Potential Success Such As Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars Attack Squadrons, And Star Wars 1313. Second, Is The Cancellation Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, A 2008 Animated Series That Acclaimed Several Awards And Nominations, And The Approval Of Everyone That Criticized The Prequel Trilogy That Released Before The Start Of The Television Show. Before Disney Acquired The Ownership Of The Franchise, There Were Over Sixty Episodes In Production, But It Was Unfortunately Cancelled In The Spring Of 2013 For Disney To Create A Spinoff Of Their Own, Star Wars: Rebels, Which Wasn’t As Successful As The Previous Show. Third, We Have Disney Giving The Gaming Rights To EA, Who In The Past Few Years Have Gained The Name Of Being “The Worst Gaming Industry In America” With The Controversies Of 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront And It’s $50 Season Pass, 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II That Was Quickly On Thin Ice With It’s Tactics Of Microtransactions, And The Recent Shut Down Of Visceral Games, A Gaming Company Owned By EA That Was Set To Release An Open World Star Wars Game, But Was Cancelled Because The Story Was “Too Linear” Apparently. Next, We Have Disney Scrapping The Expanded Universe, The Wonderful World Of Star Wars Outside Of The Movies And In The Form Of Literature. For Thirty-Seven Years, This Has Been The Escape Of Star Wars Fans From Reality Into Something That They Really Enjoyed, Before The Dark Times…Before Disney. In 2014, Disney Decided To Cancel The Expanded Universe And Make An Expanded Universe Of Their Own. If There’s A Favorite Character, Or A Favorite Event That Took Place, It’s Up To Disney To Decide Whether Or Not It Happened Or Not. Lastly, We Have Disney Putting Their Own Spin On The Movies And Making SW Movies Of Their Own. Nothing Wrong With That, Except For Inconsistency And The Unnecessary Sequels That Came In The Process Such As “The Force Awakens”, “Rogue One”, And “The Last Jedi”, And What Makes Matters Worse Is That The New Owner Of LucasFilms, Kathleen Kennedy, Stated In An Interview That We Won’t  Live To See The Last Star Wars Movie. After Almost Five Years, I'm Pretty Sure We’ve Learned What Happened If You Let Criticism Of Your Audience Get The Best Of You. There Is No Clear Reason As To Why George Lucas Sold The Franchise, But Of The Possible Reasons For This Transaction Is Because Of His Criticism On The Prequel Trilogy As He Was Interested In Making Another Trilogy But Didn’t Want To Let His Fans Down Like He Did Before. I Don’t Know About Everyone Else, But I Miss George Lucas And I Would Love It If He Were To Gain His Franchise Back And Adapt To The Changes That Disney Made Over The Years. Who Knows? Maybe We Can Get More Episodes Of The Clone Wars, Maybe We Can Get The People Who Lost Their Jobs Their Position Back, Maybe We Can Get A Video Game That Everyone Would Love, Maybe We Could Revive The Lore And Make It As Great As It Was Before, And Maybe We Can Get A Movie That Would Get Some Appreciation From "Everybody"; All We Need Is George Lucas. It’s Hard For A Company To Run A Successful Franchise, Which Is What I Think Disney Have Learned For The Past Few Years And Would Like To Take Some Of The Load Of Their Shoulders. Star Wars Isn't Marvel(Disney Bought The Marvel Franchise In 2009 And Are Doing Almost The Same Practices As They Do In Star Wars). Which Is Why I’ve Decided To Form A Petition, As A Way For Me, The Fans, And Most Importantly, George Lucas To Bring The Balance To The Franchise; Not Leave It To Darkness.