Disney, show Andre and Wally B. short to precede Incredibles 2 or Pixar's next feature!

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Did you know that before Pixar was founded, the creative team behind The Toy Story Trilogy began their careers at Lucasfilm Ltd.? Ironic, isn't it? Pixar was originally founded as "The Graphics Group" and they made one short film, "The Adventures of Andre and Wally B." Sometime after, George Lucas sold it to the late Steve Jobs, who then renamed it "Pixar". After making a series of other shorts, they formed a partnership to make feature films with Disney, who eventually bought Pixar from Jobs in 2006. Six years later, Disney bought Lucasfilm from Lucas. It's been six years since then. Traditionally, a Pixar short film is screened theatrically preceding a Pixar feature. Even some from the 80s, Luxo Jr and Knick Knack, preceded Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo respectively. With Disney owning both Pixar and Lucasfilm, though not technically a Pixar short, it'd seem appropriate to have Andre and Wally B. precede a feature film by Pixar. Even Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies had cameos of Howard The Duck, who had one feature film of his own from the 80s produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. We ask with the utmost respect that Disney screen Andre and Wally B. theatrically, preceding Incredibles 2, unless it's too late, in which case, have the short film precede Pixar's next feature.