Disney Need to Cut Ties with Jake Paul

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Jake Paul is a YouTuber and television actor, most famously known for his song "It's Everyday Bro" and being the younger brother of Logan Paul.

Jake Paul is also an actor on the Disney Channel, where he portrays the character of Dirk on the show Bizaardvark.

I am calling for the creators and producers of the show, and Disney itself to drop Jake Paul from further episodes of the show and to cut all ties with him. Jake Paul has proven to be a reckless, irresponsible person and should in no way be influencing our children, brothers, sisters or grandchildren. Jake Paul is not a role model, he is encouraging his fans to be unruly, destructive and careless.

You do not have to look far online to find news articles and videos about Jake Paul causing trouble in LA or drama amongst his peers and neighbours.

Disney should be ashamed of itself for not dropping this person sooner. Jake Paul should not be allowed to have a place on children's television as long as he is displaying this awful, arrogant behaviour.

Can you honestly say that you would want your child, or anyone for that matter, to be watching Jake Paul's videos and copying his behaviours? No, me neither. So please sign the petition to bring this to Disney's attention, and to let the production company know that having Jake Paul on children's television will not be tolerated any longer.


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