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Cast Temuera Morrison, Daniel Logan, or any Maori actor as Boba Fett for Star Wars Spin-off Movie

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Boba Fett has become an icon in the Star Wars film universe and has been loved by fans of many generations as well as selling many licensed products bearing his likeness. To the conformation of a Boba Fett spin-off movie was inevitable it is the diehard fans that really wish to see the film. As such they want the actor playing Boba to properly represent the character as well as have his image continue to fit in the Star Wars continuity. Boba Fett's backstory has been established in the prequel films that he is the genetic replica of Jango Fett, played by Maori New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan in both the Star Wars Prequels and the Clone Wars animated cartoons. We the fans want Boba to be played by one of the two actors mentioned for the film instead of recasting him with another actor of a different look because 1. Since he is a clone of a Maori, he should be played by a Maori actor. Anyone else would be viewed as either white-washing or black-washing the character. It is not a view of opinion it the further establishment of what has been made before in the Star Wars films including canon. 2. Both Logan and Morrison are more than willing to act in the film and have been interested in joining this project since the film's announcement plans to the public since 2012. Maori actors that bare a resemblance of the two actors would also be acceptable. 3. With the merchandising in toys, action figures, video games, and others - why create a new facial sculpt when you can just use the same ones as Morrison and Logan. It would save more time to create merchandise than you would a new actor if the decision came to it.      

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