Petition: Cast Ariana Grande as Megara in Disney's upcoming Hercules live action remake

Petition: Cast Ariana Grande as Megara in Disney's upcoming Hercules live action remake

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Many Disney fans around the globe have passionately expressed for years that they would love to see Ariana Grande playing a princess or an important female role in a Disney movie. Ariana is an incredible talented woman, one with the biggest impact nowadays so this would lead to an enormous box office success, as well as satisfied audiences.


Ariana is nowadays the biggest pop star in the globe, she is the most followed woman in Instagram,Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music and between 2018 and 2019 she has been breaking records constantly and still. This would enable the remake to be really sucessful as she would attract a huge audience to go watch the movie. Unfortunately Hercules is one of the most underrated Disney movies so there's not such a big hype for a live action remake as there was with others such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Having a big name as Ariana Grande playing one of the main roles would lead to a great box office success. Ariana as Megara probably would be a Beyoncé as Nala situation really iconic and marked for history in pop culture.

Singing Abilities:

Obviously, Ariana has an incredibly special voice that makes her stand out from every other artist. Not only is her voice simultaneously angelic & powerful, but due to her Broadway background & her ability to switch up her sound/style (have you seen her celebrity vocal impressions?), she's capable of accessing that same exact Broadway-esque voice of the original animated character. Her range is just insane and Megara's voice is really powerful and strong just like Ariana's, not everyone would be capable of belting out the ICONIC song "I won't say I'm in love" 

Also, can you imagine the soundtrack?? Disney is adding new songs to almost every live action remake they are doing. Ariana having a new original song for the movie would destroy the charts and likely would win many awards. 


Ariana looks like a real life Megara. We all know Ari can pull off a Disney princess look but she is really versatile as she also can embody a more mature look, looking like a really sensual, elegant and empowered woman, as she has proven many times so she is the perfect fit to portray Megara. Regarding physical appearance Ariana has Megara's shame facial extracture which is really uncommon in real life since Megara's chin is way pronounced and her jaw is really big but Ariana has it. Ariana has Megara's goo goo piercing eyes and her characteristic cat eyelid, she also has a similar pointed cute nose and similar lips, the head-to-body proportions, her body shape is the same both have a petite, skinny body and finally is essential to talk about how the iconic high ponytail look is the trademark of both of them, Ari has been wearing this look for years so there's no one better to pull it off than her.

To people saying a greek woman should play Megara. Ariana Grande is Italian, she especifically has Sicilian and Abruzzese ancestry and besides she also has some Greek heritage so she is perfect for the representation of this Mediterranean sassy character.


You know Ariana began as an actress, right? And she still claims that musical theater will always own her heart. Ariana started her career on Broadway, so that would contribute to the legacy of the character. If you judge her acting strictly based on her old children's shows, where she had to act like an over-the-top dimwit who spoke in a voice that was several octaves above her natural speaking voice, then you may not immediately recognize her abilities. But in fact Ariana speaking voice is way lower as anyone who watches any of her recent interviews can notice and a great and curious thing is her voice goes even lower when she speaks ironically or acts in a shady and Sassy way which are Megara's essential aspects which forge her iconic personality. Also Susan Egan, the legendary voice actress who not only gave life to Megara but also Belle, tweeted some years ago that Ariana should be the one to play the role in a future Hercules adaptation.

As Miss Grande proved in shows like Scream Queens and Saturday Night Live, she is incredibly skilled and has brilliant comedic timing and commitment, abilities which are essential to do justice the animated character. In fact, most critics deemed her the best SNL guest star of all time, even outshining the established performers. And let's not forget that Steven Spielberg called the producers of SNL to praise her performance. Furthermore she has recently been offered to play the role of Alyssa in the upcoming adaptation of the musical The Prom. Do you think they would offer such as important role to someone who can not act? She definitely has the acting chops for the role. Popular singers are garnering a lot of respect for their acting roles, including Lady Gaga in A Star is Born & Harry Styles in Dunkirk, so why not bring Ariana to the big screen?

Value as a Role Model:

While Emma Watson shared many of the same positive values as Belle in Beauty & the Beast (encouraging women to have their own minds & encouraging young people to read), Ariana Grande is a well known Feminist supporter who speaks up about not letting people define you & not letting society tell you who you can be, which are values that Megara represents. Ariana is just like Meg she is an empowered woman who fights for her rights really down to earth, sometimes sassy, very sarcastic and with a bit of a dark humour.

Ariana has supported feminism many times, as the time she was asked by a reporter to talk about boys and and she said "No, because I'm not Big Sean's ex, I'm not Niall's possible new girl. I'm Ariana Grande and if that's not interesting enough don't talk to me" Women can be friends with people with dicks and not hop on them", that other time she called out radio interviewers for sexist questions and comments, her speech at Billboard's Women In Music event, when she said "I want to thank you guys also for putting on this event every year because it acknowledges how male dominated this industry and gives women a moment to be together and fight for more equality hopefully we can even out the playing field moving forward and it's really cool to be in this room with so many women that I love and I'm obsessed with all of you" she also said "I'm looking forward to celebrating all the amazing women here tonight" "I look forward to hopefully learning to give some of the love and forgiveness that I've given away so frivolously and easily to men in the past to myself this year" In fact the most recent thing she has done supporting feminism and women rights was to call out an inappropriate photographer, for taking advantage of women, so she encouraged women not to send nudes or shoot naked to get a free photo shoot if they are not comfortable with it.

Ariana has been chosen by Billboard WOMAN of the YEAR so right now nobody is a better role model to portray Megara's values. Besides she is the new face of the French luxury fashion house Givenchy, who made her her new muse for all her achievements, her influence, the values she has and what she stands for. Other iconic legendary celebs who were muses of the brand were Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Carla Bruni and Grace Kelly.

Finally let's not forget the utter bravery she displayed when she organized a benefit concert in Manchester, just a couple weeks after the terrorist attack that took place at her concert, & raised millions for the victims. She is an outstanding role model--not just for young people but for everyone.

Ariana as a Disney Fan: 

Despite being a Nickelodeon ex-act and not a Disney one, Ariana has shown many times she is a Disney fan as she has proven many times she has recorded herself singing iconic Disney songs and showing on her Instagram stories she was watching the movies, she even has WALL.E and EVE visuals floating around in the background every time she performs "Goodnight N Go" on the Sweetener world tour. Ariana was part of the "We love Disney project" a compilation album of Disney songs featuring English-speaking famous artists in which she decided to do a cover version of the iconic Hercules Muses song "Zero To Hero" She later performed it live at the Disney parade 2015. Ariana Grande and John Legend were the ones chosen to pay tribute the original Disney song "Beauty and the beast" as they did the promo version of the song for the Beauty and the beast live action remake. 

Ariana loves Hercules is her favourite Disney movie, she really admires the composer Alan Menken and loves the character of Meg and the muses so if she was cast as Megara she would really do her best to do the animated version justice 

Ability to Create Hype:

Ariana Grande is incredibly popular amongst all different types of demographics (people of all different ages, genders, & races) & she would create an insane amount of hype for the film, just like Emma Watson did for Belle in Beauty & the Beast. She's already one popular fancast on the internet & casting her would lead to tremendous excitement, fascination, & curiosity for the film, which would then lead to an even bigger box office success than anticipated.


Here its a video showing collages of Ariana as Meg, her mvs and tour videos proving how alike they are and how she can deliver the needed attitutude for the role, a performance in which she showcases her low register, her vocal impressions and interviews in which we can appreciate her natural speaking voice and how great of a role model and how devoted as a FEMINIST she IS.

14.459 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 15.000!
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