Cast Ariana Grande as Ariel in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid'

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Many Disney fans around the globe have passionately expressed that they are convinced Ariana Grande is the perfect choice for Ariel in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid, and it would be a major missed opportunity to not cast her. Due to multiple factors, Ariana truly checks every box for this role and is the most capable of bringing the character to life, which would lead to an enormous box office success, as well as satisfied audiences.

Singing Abilities:

Obviously, Ariana has an incredibly special voice that makes her stand out from every other artist. Not only is her voice simultaneously angelic & powerful, but due to her Broadway background & her ability to switch up her sound/style (have you seen her celebrity vocal impressions?), she's capable of accessing that same exact Broadway-esque voice of the original animated character. Her range is just insane and Ariel's voice is so essential to both the film & the character--Ursula didn't want to just take a mediocre voice...and I don't think any other young actress is capable of providing the powerful voice needed. Also, can you imagine the soundtrack?? It would destroy the charts.


Between her sparkly/bright-eyed wonder, her facial proportions, her youthful look, her petite body, her incredibly long hair, & that big smile, Ariana looks like a human incarnation of Ariel. Don't let the tight ponytail, spray tan, & make-up confuse you...Ariana inhabits all of Ariel's physical features & it's actually crazy how much they actually look alike. I mean those big doe eyes, the face shape, the head-to-body proportions, the ability to look youthful/naive yet fierce/adventurous. Also, as she has proven in Victorious, she looks stunning with red hair. Seeing her in the role would add to the magic and nostalgia of the film, because we'd basically get to see what Ariel looks like in real life.


You know Ariana began as an actress, right? And she still claims that musical theater will always own her heart (that's why she recently fought for the role of Penny in Hairspray Live!). Just like the original Ariel actress, Jodi Benson, she started her career on Broadway, so that would contribute to the legacy of the character of Ariel. If you judge her acting strictly based on her old children's shows, where she had to act like an over-the-top dimwit who spoke in a voice that was several octaves above her natural speaking voice, then you may not immediately recognize her abilities. But as she proved in shows like Scream Queens and Saturday Night Live, she is incredibly skilled and has brilliant comedic timing and commitment. In fact, most critics deemed her the best SNL guest star of all time, even outshining the established performers. And let's not forget that Steven Spielberg called the producers of SNL to praise her performance. She definitely has the acting chops for The Little Mermaid, and even if you're not convinced, Ariel doesn't speak for 75% of the film. Popular singers are garnering a lot of respect for their acting roles, including Lady Gaga in A Star is Born & Harry Styles in Dunkirk, so why not bring Ariana to the big screen?

Value as a Role Model:

While Emma Watson shared many of the same positive values as Belle in Beauty & the Beast (encouraging you women to have their own minds & encouraging young people to read), Ariana Grande speaks up about not letting people define you & not letting society tell you who you can be, which are values that Ariel represents. Ariana devotes her time to spreading positivity, messages of self-love, confidence, kindness, & compassion. And let's not forget the utter bravery she displayed when she organized a benefit concert in Manchester, just a couple weeks after the terrorist attack that took place at her concert, & raised millions for the victims. She is an outstanding role model--not just for young people but for everyone.

Ability to Create Hype:

Ariana Grande is incredibly popular amongst all different types of demographics (people of all different ages, genders, & races) & she would create an insane amount of hype for the film, just like Emma Watson did for Belle in Beauty & the Beast. She's already the most popular fancast on the internet & casting her would lead to tremendous excitement, fascination, & curiosity for the film, which would then lead to an even bigger box office success than anticipated.