Bring Flik back to Animal Kingdom again!!!!

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As of May 2018, Flik, the main character of Disney & Pixar's "A Bug's Life," has been cut from the character meet-&-greet experiences at Walt Disney World again!!! Of course he is always be seen in "It's Tough to Be a Bug!" but it's a totally heartbreaking disaster now that they decided to take Flik out of Disney's Animal Kingdom again!

Flik was actually cut off meet-&-greets back in 2012 and eventually came back in 2015. Flik is actually meant to be the most popular character of Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom needs insects, which includes Flik. Let Disney know that it's a mistake to remove Flik out of Animal Kingdom so soon, that he's your favorite character, that "A Bug's Life" is your favorite movie, and that insects are a very important part of nature and that Animal Kingdom needs insects! And let Disney know that Disney's Animal Kingdom will never be the same without Flik.