Bring back talking Mickey at Walt Disney World!

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Walt Disney World came up with the most magical and beautiful experience by allowing guests to meet talking Mickey Mouse. This was by far one of the most popular attractions at The Magic Kingdom and it just completed the whole experience.

Walt Disney World have now shockingly decided to remove talking Mickey becuase they believe it confuses children too much - having Mickey Mouse talk at one place but not the other. This is simply one of the worst decisions they’ve ever made! Not only is it more confusing that Mickey Mouse doesn’t speak at all but the matter of fact is, this was magical experience, children loved meeting Mickey Mouse and for him to talk back was marvellous! Such an amazing experience, even for adults! I’m 27 and it made my holiday! I’ve been to Disney World 11 times and meeting talking Mickey for the first time is my strongest memory!

Don’t do this Walt Disney World, you are making a huge mistake!

Everyone who agrees and wants talking Mickey to stay, please sign this petition! 

Thank you.

Have a magical day.