Ask Disney to publicly condemn Mulan lead actress Liu Yifei's support for police brutality

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To The Walt Disney Company,

We are writing to you as a group of world citizens who are concerned about your upcoming movie Mulan lead actress Liu Yifei's Weibo comment, where she expresses support for Hong Kong police excessive violence against peaceful protestors in Hong Kong seeking democracy by sharing an image that says "I support the Hong Kong police. You can now beat me." She also put her own captions that read "I also support the Hong Kong police" with a heart and flexed biceps emoji. It is beyond doubts, as shown by many video and photo evidence, that the police force has repeatedly broken the international law by their improper use of tear gas, among other things, and international communities such as the U.N. has issued their statement voicing their concerns. 

We believe in the strong moral values represented by Disney's films, and many generations of children have learned to be brave against tyranny, self-reflective, and loving towards people from your films. We are very concerned that having a public figure such as Ms. Liu, as the lead actress in Mulan, issuing a statement that endorses violence and the violation of international law would go against Disney's values and set a negative example for your young viewers.

We ask you to please issue a public statement to condemn Ms. Liu's post and clarify the moral stance of your company.

Thank you!

(Photo copyright belongs to the distributor of the film, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and the publisher, Walt Disney Animation Studios)