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Bring back 2D hand-drawn animation alongside their CGI animations.

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The Walt Disney Company have officially confirmed there will be no more plans to create hand-drawn feature length animations.

Hand drawn animation made the world fall in love with The Walt Disney Company and their animation studios. Storytelling will always be storytelling but I do not believe this medium is a worthless pursuit just because social networking was not around at the time of hand-drawn feature release, as opposed to the huge publicity CGI animations get through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. The re-releases of Lion King and Beauty and The Beast in 3D did not work well because it was only 2.5D, if that. Also BECAUSE people love those films so much, many people already have those films so they were not likely to pay the high prices to see the same movie in the cinema. We need something new. Disney needs something new, especially if they want to guage success.

Disney animation legends of traditional hand-drawn have lost their jobs. The veterans of animation who many illustrators, animators, draughtsmen-to-be look up to. People who are in the middle of study to aim high for the Disney Studios are now being forced to either work with CGI or to start their own business (which some people just do not have the resources to do). I'm not saying their futures are compromised but it is a shame that our tastes are being dictated to us. Do we not all love hand-drawn animation or am I missing something here? The Walt Disney Company thinks we do not, so just in terms of feedback, everyone who would like hand-drawn 2D traditional animation lovingly crafted frame by frame GRACE the big screen once again - PLEASE sign this petition.

It will help the corporate sector of Disney know we would like traditional methods back; alongside 3D. There is no reason why Disney cannot show diversity and have both 3D CGI and 2D hand-drawn, especially when every big company seems to be copying each other's style these days.

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