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Stop the overheading of the Surry-Skiffes Creek 500 kV transmission line.

The irreparable damage that will be done to this remarkable stretch of the James River, right in the midst of the Historic Triangle, by the construction of 16 transmission towers, at least four of which will be as tall as the 21-story, One James Center building in Richmond or the Statue of Liberty, cannot be defended because this is not just any river.  This is the river of America’s birthplace.

The James played an integral role in the survival and growth of the first English-speaking colony at Jamestown, and, thus, to the America we know today. Today, as then, the river is crucial to the depiction of life in the very heart of Virginia’s colonial heritage, the Historic Triangle. Relatively undeveloped for all these 400+ years, why would we damage this vista now? Once these gargantuan structures are built, they will stand for at least 50 years.  Sign the petition to oppose the overheading of these lines and save this pristine viewscape for generations to come.

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