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The Virginia General Assembly: Block the Confirmation of Helen Dragas

On June 9th, Rector Helen Dragas asked UVA President Theresa Sullivan to resign. Emails obtained through FOIA requests clearly demonstrate that this was a unilateral decision made by Rector Helen Dragas and former Vice Rector Mark Kington. At no point did they consult with members of the UVA faculty nor did they convene a general BOV meeting. These actions plunged UVA into a tumultuous 17 day period of crisis during which faculty resigned, prospective students withdrew, and the reputation of the University was publicly questioned.
Despite the BOV's decision to reinstate President Sullivan, the decision of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to place UVA on warning based on the events of June demonstrates that Rector Dragas' actions continue to impact UVA as an institution.
In the months since the June 26th reinstatement of President Sullivan, Rector Dragas has refused to give any explanation for her actions. She has also made no attempt to reach out to the UVA community.
The shameful events of June 2012 continues to poison the relationship between the BOV and the University community. The continued presence of Helen Dragas within the UVA Board of Visitors represents a stumbling block to all attempts to reestablish trust.
We formally request that you vote against the confirmation of Helen Dragas when the General Assembly reconvenes in January.

Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Friends, and Family United for UVA

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