Support New Homeownership Opportunities in the View Park/Windsor Hills Community

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
866 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

RE: Letter of Support for The View on Overhill (Project Number R2015-01232)

Dear Supervisor Ridley-Thomas:

I would like to extend my SUPPORT for The Bedford Group’s (“Bedford”) new condominium development, The View on Overhill (“Project”) which is located at 5101 South Overhill Drive in the affluent View Park/Windsor Hills community. It is clear that Bedford is not only dedicated to providing new homeownership opportunities, but also committed to developing a new home community that compliments the area’s affluence, architectural design and culture.

I SUPPORT Bedford’s goal to meet the County’s quality housing shortage needs, and homeownership opportunities for young professionals, couples and empty nesters who desire to relocate or remain in the area. I also SUPPORT their efforts to relieve the pressure from the under-supply of entry-level housing for that generation of professionals who grew up in View Park/Windsor Hills; but cannot afford to purchase a home and return to the community in which they were raised.

Finally, I SUPPORT Bedford’s effort to design a new home community that reflects the needs and wants of local area residents, homeowners and stakeholders. Their willingness to meet with the community and seek their feedback on the Project design, speaks volumes to their level of respect for View Park/Windsor Hills, as well as the voice of its residents. They have also been open and readily available to address many of the community’s concerns. Some of which include the following:

1.      Structure Height: The structure of The View will be 42-56 feet high from Overhill Drive, and 76 feet high from La Brea Avenue, which falls within the height guidelines determined by the County’s height calculations. In addition, the height calculations on the La Brea Avenue side of the parcel are also accentuated by the building resting atop a fairly steep slope. 

2.      Traffic Patterns and Air Pollution: The Bedford Group conducted an extensive Traffic Study which was approved by The County since it demonstrated that the influx of new homeowners along Overhill Drive will have minimal impact on the flow of traffic along Overhill Drive, Stocker Street and La Brea Avenue. As a result, the Project will have NO negative impact on traffic or the quality of air. 

3.      View Obstruction: The Project will NOT have any adverse impact on the scenic views of area residents, including the view of the six (6) homeowners on neighboring Onacrest Drive. Bedford has taken great care not to obstruct any homeowner’s views of the distant vistas. The only obstruction is the view of the back of the adjacent commercial center, and the billboard that sits at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Overhill Drive.  

4.      Utility Infrastructure: The View was found to have minimal impact, and will NOT offer any additional stress to the electrical, sewer or water system since Bedford will be installing a NEW water line. In addition, the County recently performed an extensive Sewer Study along Overhill Drive, and found NO NEED to upgrade the existing sewer system. As a result, Bedford will be utilizing the existing sewer system. 

5.      Access to Natural Light: The View will NOT have any adverse effects on access to light for adjacent homeowners. Bedford has conducted a Shadow Study which demonstrated that NO SHADOWS will be cast on any homeowner at any time of the day. 

6.      Project Density: The View parcel is currently zoned for housing and NOT commercial, and allows for the proposed 88-units. Therefore, the project is designed WITHIN CODE set by LA County. 

7.      Fault Line and Oil Fields: To address any potential issues with the adjacent fault line, Bedford conducted a study which demonstrated that The View will have NO adverse impact on the fault line. In accordance with LA County regulations, the Project is also within safe distance from the fault line, and is designed IN CONFORMANCE with the earthquake standards set forth by the County. Lastly, the Project will also NOT have any additional impact on the emission of fumes from the adjacent Oil Fields. The existing fumes that are currently being emitted would still remain, whether the project was built or not.

As the undersigned, I believe The View on Overhill will NOT jeopardize the health and safety of the View Park/Windsor Hills community; but will compliment the County’s current revitalization and pedestrian-friendly efforts for the area. Therefore, I STRONGLY SUPPORT The Bedford Group’s Project, and understand that additional design changes and amenities will be incorporated to reflect the feedback they’ve received from their community engagement efforts.

Thank you for your consideration.

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