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Do not adopt a dog to Michael Vick

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In recent interviews in July, 2012. Michael Vick has expressed a desire to get a dog for his children. He is eligible to have a dog this year- 2012. 
It takes a simple moment to think of what would be answered on an application form by Michael Vick, to know this is not a person who could provide a loving, stable and life of enrichment for any animal. While it appears Mr. Vick has served time for the crimes he committed against his dogs, he had chosen to cop a plea to a lesser charge, thereby not having a formal record of his actions at the home in Surrey County, Virginia, USA, that he owned. To this day, he has never addressed these dogs he so callously and cruelly treated, or put to death by horrific means. He has also turned down any opportunity to take the time to speak with the present owners, caregivers and rescues (who played, and continue to play) an integral part of the healing of his former dogs. He has done nothing more than what would enhance his image, and it is the thought of this petitioner that he is using his children as a means to garner more support for his public image.
He has used excuses and fallen flat of emotion or concern when the subject has come up, often relying on paid for advice by professionals to speak for him. He has never owned up to what he has done, the subject is always deferred. For whatever reason, this does not reflect a truly repentant person who has changed their ways, and is NOT a person who should ever be allowed the privilege of owning a dog, again.
Again, I ask- What would his application look like? A man who killed, tortured, fought dogs and kept most in unthinkable conditions. No medical help was given, except a patch up for the next fight. Dogs were fed muscle enhancers (if fed at all), so they would be better performers. There was zero concern for breeding, except when it came to the females, seeing one have her teeth removed, receive a broken jaw and strapped to a mounting horse, when she was no longer useful as a fighter.
Would anyone else be allowed the opportunity to have a dog in their home after all Michael Vick has done? No. He has proven he has not redeemed himself, through his own actions and words in the media, on top of the paid for words handed out to "appease the masses". He has walked away from many opportunities to reach out and make amends to the people who have worked so hard to help his dogs...the dogs whose only purpose was to make an already wealthy man money. A man who took pleasure in the unnecessary and cruel pain (and deaths) of another living being. Multiple times, in multiple ways, and in multiple states.
We the undersigned know that adopting any animal, especially a dog, to Michael Vick will send the wrong message to society (it is okay to maim, torture and kill animals), and it will do a great disservice to the animal welfare world. It is NOT okay to let this man have a dog, cat, goldfish or any other animal. His celebrity status should NOT exempt him, nor should the fact that he is eligible.

As a point of reference, I ask you to looke at page 4 of the 2008 USDA report that details him torturing his kids family dogs, they had previously. Apparently this was funny to Michael Vick and his friends. 

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