Stop faculty of Arts,University ofNairobi from suspending learningMay/August semester 2021

Stop faculty of Arts,University ofNairobi from suspending learningMay/August semester 2021

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Collins Musanga started this petition to The Vice chancellor The university of Nairobi Prof S. G. Kiama (The University of Nairobi)


Dear, Vice Chancellor, Prof S.G. Kiama, BVM, MSc (Nairobi) PhD, (Bern) MKNAS

We  students at the the faculty of arts  have received reports that the faculty of arts intends to close all learning activities effective from May to August academic year 2020/2021. We are also aware that the request is in the process or has been submitted to your office for consideration. It is for this reason that we seek your audience to help forestall any move to close the faculty as this may affect many students.
We have valid reasons as to why we are opposed to this move:
One, May /August is a very critical semester because it ushers students into the graduation seasons of September and December. Students who have few remaining units to graduate always utilize this semester to clear whatever units that may be outstanding. Indeed, as we speak, we have a big number of comrades who are left with either one or two units which they intend to clear in the May /August semester in readiness for December 2021 graduation. Even if they were left with a maximum number of units, it is still their right to be provided with an opportunity to be able to graduate this year. It is wrong to keep a comrade in the university for another one full year until next year December because of one semester’s work that they would have cleared in May /August semester.

The import of what appears like a very easy decision to make by the faculty of arts is that hundreds of comrades will miss out on job openings for a whole year, those already working will miss out on all promotion opportunities again for a whole year and those who hoped to explicate/analyze academic, topical subjects with authority of a graduate cannot do so. There are yet others who will be vying for political seats in next year’s General elections. Without a degree this will automatically disqualify them as most political seats in line with current legislations require one to have a degree to vie. The faculty, while looking at this issue should have considered utilitarian principle where a decision must look at the greatest benefit those accrue to the greatest number of people in a community. As it stands, the decision serves a very tiny minority part of the university community.
Second, the university is currently in a process of implementing a policy that will see thousands of students kicked out of the university for having overstayed. It is therefore a contradiction to the university’s own policy for a faculty to suggest measures that are likely to contribute to the same cases of overstaying in school. Sir, remember there is already a precedent where a public university has been ordered to pay a student for delaying his graduation.
Thirdly, the faculty of arts has, since the onset of Corona, been offering online classes just like other faculties. All lecturers have been facilitated by the university with necessary tools to be able to offer classes without having to come to the university. It therefore defeats logic that while lecturers are being fully facilitated to work from home, they still want a blanket ,extra-legal leave that cannot be justified or supported by any regulation that guide management of universities.

Fourth, students being key stakeholders at the university, needed to have been involved or at least their views should have been considered in a decision intended to close learning activities which obviously affects them. We would have perhaps suggested that as irregular as it is, they should consider breaking at any other time and not May /August semester. Unfortunately, no student has been involved nor asked to give their views.
Fifth, closing a university for a whole semester is an extreme measure that must be justified with very solid reasons. So far, no one has made a serious case as to why the faculty wants to close shop next semester.
Lastly, all teaching staff are entitled to an annual leave which they should utilize to have a rest like all other public servants without jeopardizing the learning activities in the faculty. Sir , It is our view that the request to close the faculty be rejected.
Prof. Mohammed Jama, Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof. Ephraim Wahome, Dean Faculty of Arts
Prof Jack Odhiambo, Associate Dean Faculty of Arts
Eddie Mutua, Chairman University of Nairobi Students Association

























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