Veterinarians unite in condemning Hong Kong Gov't and Violence

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Dear Colleagues,

Like many of you, we were horrified, pained, frustrated and angered by what was happening in Yuen Long on July 21st, 2019.  A mass of violence erupted that has shook this city and its citizens.  With what seemed like a gang of people dressed in white shirts and armed with weapons purposely targeting Hong Kong citizens who were just guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even a pregnant woman was left bloodied and injured by these thugs.

People simply trying to get home from work, attacked on public transport and senselessly beaten just for being from Hong Kong.  

This is not what we strive for.  We aim to be an example to the next generation and to leave Hong Kong better than when we were given the responsibility.  However in the last couple of months, it is clear that the situation has become untenable and our leadership has failed this city.

As veterinarians our jobs are about loving and saving lives and we must do more to ensure that we save this city.  We love this city and want to see Hong Kong thrive, therefore we must join together in condemning the Hong Kong Government and their inability to do their most basic job, protect the citizens of this wonderful city. 

Clinics had to be closed in Yuen Long because of the violence happening outside their doors. We had to send sick animals away, and worry their owners because our staff were in danger. 

When we can’t even protect these animals from humans, it feel like we have lost as a society. We must speak for those without a voice. We must continue to fight for the kids and the pets who these gangs have endangered. 

Please join me in this petition to the Hong Kong government for a continued demand to respond to the 5 requests from the protestors: 

1. Complete withdrawal of the Extradition Law
2. Release all arrested protestors
3. Remove the characterisation of rioters from June 12th, protests
4. Independent inquiry into police behaviour
5. Universal Suffrage

and also a thorough investigation into the triad involvement in the violence on July 21st.

This is a place we call home and it is our hope we can all help to support, protect and rebuild this beautiful city. 

Dr. Grace Cheung

Dr. Kaylen Kwan