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So we've all heard of Cassidy Boon, the self claimed "fab social justice activist." Any one who can read will be able to confirm there's a higher chance of Kanye helping the homeless than there is truth to that statement. But miss Boon became heard of when publishing her article 'A Man Saved Me From Drowning, But Now I Am Suing Him For Rape Because He Touched Me.' 

Cassidy was at a lake when she decided to jump off "this ten feet high, floating jumping tower" and hit her big head on the way down and knocked herself unconscious. You'd think swimming is a bad idea for anyone who's brain is apparently made out of brick. Cassidy subsequently started to drown.  She was under water for over 2 minutes before her rescuer barely managed to find her hand, pull her up and through the water to safety. This would have probably been very difficult, and i imagine it must have felt like dragging a dead whale through the waves. Here's a snippet of Cassidy's article to see what happened next from her point of view.

"He carried me up the little ladder and laid me down on the wooden boards of the floating platform. People were gathering around us, gasping, screaming, crying. I was astonished, I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe I was alive. I was feeling like shit though, I was woozy, I was in pain, but most of all, most of all, I was disgusted.

I was disgusted at this hairy man having felt it appropriate to touch my body like that. To grab me forcefully and pull me in what ever direction HE wanted to go. He took control of my body down there in the cold water, when I was unconscious and unable to look out for myself, he touched my all-but-bikini bare body when I was KNOCKED out and unable to struggle. Him, being a white man, felt he had the right to possess my milky body – to put his rough hands on my innocent flesh and command my body to come with him to the surface. I did NOT give him consent, in fact I was UNABLE to give consent and yet he grabbed me around my waist and gripped my hand and pressed my body against his like we he wanted to engage in aquatic sex."

You don't have to be a genius to realise the stupidity in her words. She had the nerve to cary on and say this:

"The guy, my rapist, who’s name I later learned was Jim, is due before courts soon, charged with rape. When I told him I was pressing charges, he was shocked, then he got angry and then he even began to cry when he thought about what his family would have to go through. Seeing my rapist break down that way was nothing less than empowering and I am glad I am able to put him before the justice system and have him punished for what he put me through. There is no way I am losing this fight. Jim will get at least ten years in prison – my lawyers will make sure of that and maybe this will set an example for other men who think they have the right to touch women without consent."

I am writing to you today as a rape victim myself, as an equalist and as a normal fucking human being. This man and his family will be put through hell when he deserves to be praised as a hero. I believe that real justice needs to be served and she should be taken to court for false accusation of rape, trying to cause substantial psychological damage to other humans, sexist and racist statements, as well as preaching hate and encouraging others to engage in sexist, racist and hateful behaviour.

Since the release of that article she has released many other racist, sexist, and hateful statements and will continue to do so at this rate.

She knows exactly what she is doing and is on the same level as other hate groups and sexist groups. I propose that she serves at least 20 years inprisonment.

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