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To Pass H.R. 2306: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

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To end the prohibition which was 1st started as a hate crime towards the African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans in the 1930s
To help the economy by bringing in extra Tax Revenue
To strike a major blow in the drug cartels by taking away their #1 cash crop
Stop the billions of dollars that are wasted on an already lost drug war
To cut down on the prison population by cutting out non violent drug offenders
To stop the raids by our federal government on terminally ill patients
To open up thousands of jobs in every field such as sales, marketing, distribution, laborers and even federal jobs to help regulate and make sure growers don't use harmful fertilizers and pesticides
To actually gain from Cannabis in the medical field and stop denying the medical benefits of Cannabis examples: cancer research pain medication that wont you wonthave physical withdraws from or destroy your liver and kidneys if have to be on it for long periods of time
The actual deaths from Cannabis alone is 0 a lot better then to alcohol and tobacco is an average of 5.1 million for tobacco and alcohol average of 75 thousand a year.

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