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The DREAM act, acronym for Development,Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. This legislation was introduced to senate on August 1, 2001, written by DIck Durbin and Orrin Hatch. If passed the bill would change the lives of many undocumented students in the US. These students would have the opportunity to receive permanent residency. However it wouldn’t just be given to anybody.
People who would fit the bill would be those who arrived to this country as minors, they would also have had to live in the country 5 years straight before the bill was passed. Not only that but it would require them to be high school graduates. If they are able to have these requirements than they would receive a time window to either graduate from a 4 year college/university or join the military. It would basically allow a lot of undocumented high school students to have a shot to go to to college because its not very easy to do that when you’re undocumented.

Letter to
The US government
Each year more and more young undocumented students are stripped of the right to an accessible higher education. Not only that but they live with the fear of deportation for the choices made by their parents to bring them into this country undocumented. Most of these young students are faced with obstacles while trying to attend college. This act would give these students hope of realizing their dreams of attending college or forming part of the military.

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