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Make law enforcement accountable for killing family pets across the USA

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It seems just about every day now we hear another story of a police officer shooting a family pet. It also seems that there are never any repercussions for the officer.

The latest story to appear on my screens, albeit an old one, was an officer in 'fear for her life' from a Chihuahua of all things.

Now I fully understand that criminal types may hold viciously trained dogs to deter law enforcement but this random killing of family pets seems to be escalating beyond belief and nothing is being done about it.

It only takes a second to google it and see exactly how many incidents like this there are.

And it needs to stop now!

We politely request that there be FEDERAL legislation in place across the USA that requires an inquest into these shootings. Officers should be made to prove there really was a threat and that 'shoot to kill' was the very last, and only, option open to them. If not they should be treated like any other animal abuser out there and penalised.

In short, make them accountable for their actions!


This petition is not about one dog, one officer or one state. It's about change, nationwide change, and one day global change. Justice applicable to ALL without discrimination or bias.

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