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Petitioning The US Department of Education

Revoke accreditation authority of the Council of Chiropractic Education

Please accept this complaint on the Council of Chiropractic Education.  The CCE is no longer representative of the chiropractic profession and should no longer be authorized to accredit chiropractic colleges.

The CCE is in direct violation of the USDOE Standards of Recognition.  It first violates section 602.13- Acceptence by other agencies.  The CCE is non-responsive to the majority of the chiropractic profession. They do not listen to what thousands of practicing chiropractors have to say. 

They are also in volation of section 602.14- Purpose and organization and 602.15- Administrative and Fiscal responsibilities.  From my understanding they internally select board members rather than an open selection that is representative of the profession.

Lastly they are in violation of section 602.15-Accreditation and preaccreditation standards. In the most recent reformation of standards for chiropractic colleges they have removed two very important terms:  "subluxation" and "without the use of drugs and surgery". The chiropractic profession is based upon these two terms.  These define the profession as separate and distinct from the medical profession.  By eliminating these terms of which the profession is based upn from the standards of chiropractic colleges, the CCE should no longer have the ability to accredit chiropractic colleges because they are attempting to merge the chiropractic profession with the medical profession.

Please reprimand the CCE for violating the Criteria of Recognition, or revoke their ability to accredit chiropractic colleges.

Thank you,

Letter to
The US Department of Education
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Council of Chiropractic Education.

Include: "subluxation" and "without the use of drugs and surgery"

"The assault on our profession from within has reached unprecedented levels. If the silent majority does not speak up and do so very quickly, the chiropractic profession as we know it will cease to exist. You can no longer go into your practice and just adjust your patients and go home. You need to work to protect what we have inherited. It is our responsibility."
Dr. Joe Betz, ICA Board Member, reveals the ramifications on our practices: