The University of York: Equitably reimburse students for strike action

The University of York: Equitably reimburse students for strike action

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We are calling for The University of York, and Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery, to provide monetary reimbursements to all students affected by the strikes, led by members of the University and College Union (UCU) between 25 November and 4 December.

Following the strike action in 2017, many students felt the University of York's offer of free graduation gown hire was not adequate compensation for the loss of teaching time, and subsequent effect this had on their studies.

We are also asking The University of York to respect the demands of the striking members of the UCU; however, the goal of this petition is to remain impartial from any political opinions. Instead we are asking that the University acknowledges the significant cost of tuition fees, and responds accordingly by providing a reimbursement to each student, that is proportional to the teaching time lost.

Since the strike pay for lecturers is provided by the UCU, and not the institution; many agree it's unfair for The University of York to take payments for tuition that is not being provided. 

Additionally, students should not be required to fill out a lengthy application within a short time limit in order to receive their funds. Instead, reclaiming each rebate should be made as simple as possible for the individual.