The University of Wyoming needs a BLACK 14 MONUMENT on campus!!!!!

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Do you know the story of the Black 14? The biggest civil rights movement in Wyoming’s history?  As a high school student who has studied the Black 14 and their importance in history, I realized that there is currently NO proper monument anywhere on the UW campus for these men, only a small bronze sculpture that is currently located inside the Student Union Building, which I have visited. Although this sculpture of a clenched fist (designed in 2002 by Guadalupe Barajas) is beautiful and holds a lot of meaning, it got me thinking... the more I learn about this moment in civil rights history, I cannot ignore the fact that the huge impact these 14 UW Cowboy football players made in history deserves SO much more!! Especially on this campus for future generations to view and learn from. This is long overdue!! “May we remember the struggles of the past and never repeat them. “

The 50th Anniversary is upon us!! What better way for the University of Wyoming to show their support for these heroes, than by honoring them with a monument. These football players made a huge sacrifice! A Large, Beautiful, outdoor monument near the War Memorial Football Stadium would be a dream if we can make it happen!! 

This is the first step in gaining awareness. Please sign my petition and share this with all of your friends!! I need your support!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!