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Warwick Alumni Demand an Apology to Students

We are ex-Warwick students and staff who were shocked to see police violence directed against students on Warwick University property on Thursday night, including the use of CS gas and the deployment of taser ( We believe this violence amounts to a violation of students’ welfare, an assault on their right to protest, and a failure on the part of the University to live up to its duty of care. We are also dismayed to see that the University has failed to acknowledge the violence against its students in its public statements. We therefore call upon the University to meet the following three demands:

1. Make an unreserved apology to those students who faced police violence whilst on University property.
2. Conduct an immediate review of the University's police liaison policies.
3. Provide a guarantee that the University will assist students in making complaints through the Independent Police Complaints Commission and, if necessary, pursuing legal action against the police.

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