Put Prof Aaron Kindsvatter in charge of all DEI initiatives at the University of Vermont

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Professor Aaron Kindsvatter recently blew the whistle on efforts at the University of Vermont to indoctrinate students and staff members into the secular religion of critical social justice.

In response, the University put out a statement saying that they would continue these indoctrination efforts, admitting in the open that they are teaching students WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. 

In order to maintain an environment at a publicly funded university that is open to all points of view and perspectives, we are demanding that Aaron Kindsvatter be put in charge of UVM's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. This will allow there to be a rigorous discussion of those efforts, as well as a complete definition of the terms used, such a "harm", "diversity" and "inclusion"

When institutions are accepting taxpayer support, they do have an obligation to ALL of the people they are serving, not just the ones who adhere to a fringe, far-left ideology that refuses to offer a basic definition of the terms they are using. Putting Professor Aaron Kindsvatter in charge will ensure those definitions are in place and that the policies serve ALL members of the UVM community.