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Remove the Director of Campus Police and Review the Campus Security Plan

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There has been an increasing number of armed robberies, sexual assaults and other incidents occurring on campus in the past year. There have been many measures put in place by security that have impacted the everyday lives of students on campus but have made no sense and have not made us safer:

  • The no thoroughfare policy simply means anyone can enter the campus but at a special entrance. Those entering at the visitor entrance are supposed to be interviewed by security personnel: 
  • The ID checks early in the morning alone means at the times when it matters (night time) anyone can walk unto campus.
  • Officers are assigned to go to the car parks to clamp vehicles but there are none assigned to patrol the car parks at peak time (e.g 8 pm when late classes are finished) to keep students safe or to prevent car thefts.

The current Director of Security has been negligent, inefficient and lazy with his duty. He has taken our security for granted and endangered the lives of thousands of students. It seems that at every incident, the blame is put on the students. We should not be in fear for our lives while inside the walls of the acclaimed "Best University in the Country". We do not need to be lectured on "Safety Practices While on Campus". We need better management and more accountabilityIt is time for him to step down.

A discussion needs to be had about the current security plan and its constraints so that the resources could be better allocated. The current plan seems nonsensical and ill focused. We need change.

This is a call for the removal of the current Director of Security and a complete review of the Security Plan. We deserve to feel safe. 

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