Cancellation of SSAF for both semester in year 2020

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Revoke Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for both semesters in year 2020!

We, The University of Sydney students, are writing this letter to petition for the revoking of Student and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for both semesters in 2020.

The University is charging full-time students and part-time students a bi-annual fee of $154.00 and $115.00 respectively. According to the university’s website ( the money will “help universities fund support services for students such as sporting and recreational activities, child care, accommodation, and legal services.”

In light of circumstances brought about by COVID-19, many aforementioned facilities, sporting and recreational activities are not longer available to students due to the University’s closure for the foreseeable future. One key significant change was the closure of the University’s sports centres. According to the university website (|sas-fees-140520|student-web|cur) the sport centres of university alone received approximately 4 million dollars in 2019. If the University is charging more SSA Fee than previous years yet many of these services are not accessible to students, where is the surplus SSAF allocated to?

Majority of local and international students are impacted by the current pandemic. We, as students, are aware of the financial support services of university. However, not all students are eligible for the financial assistance such as bursaries. There are students who have lost their jobs and are having trouble with their monthly expenditure. The burden of this additional cost impacts their financial ability to sustain their basic needs such as daily groceries, rent, bill and etc.

We would like to ask the university to revoke the SSAF for both semester in year 2020 due to pandemic and closure of facilities paid through SSAF.

Kind Regards,

The Students of The University of Sydney