A more understanding gym dress policy at USF facilities.

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Social injustice and sexism are polymorphs, they can take as many figures as the oppressor's mind desires. Because of this, there are many forms of discrimination that are hidden in ‘morals’ or social norms that create othering or marginalization of gender or sex. An example of this would be the system of dress coding. This system creates a norm on dressing and how to clothe in certain spaces, which usually presents itself quite limiting for women.

This presents an impediment for women's comfort and rather an attempt to fulfill society around the appropriate appearance for each event. (Braithwaite, Ann, and Catherine M. Orr. 2016). This, combined with the deeply rooted consumerist culture in the United States of America create for an infinite cycle of ‘slave-shoppers’ forced to have a specific type of dress for each level of occasion, but not being able to repeat the dress because it has been already worn- creating a control of mentality, economy, and body image of women in this society.

Sadly, this issue appears in various places that we, as individuals, would interact at one point of our lives. Schools, work-place, and specific jobs do have a certain logical aspect to their codes, however, places like ballrooms, or even gyms have quite some intricate and odd rules. The University of South Florida prides itself on being an inclusive, diverse, and progressive institution, however, its gym dress code policy, shows a completely different face. Quoting the USF Fitness General Policies point number 1 “Appropriate athletic attire - shirts and bottoms that completely cover the pectoral area and buttocks - is required. Undergarments including sports bras and see-through material are not permitted.” At first glance, it may not seem that out of the ordinary, however, if one were to highlight one sentence, specifically the second one, the inner sexism can be seen through. This policy does not permit females to show any skin of their breasts and that they must be covered by a type of cloaking other than the sports bra that they are wearing already. This creates a series of different problems. For starters, this not only creates an inconvenience of having to wear more clothes but also how the restriction of the clothes creates for fewer possibilities to choose. Of course one can also see the obvious bias, especially after spending a day in the gym and seeing countless shirtless males, meanwhile, females are asked to leave for only wearing a sports bra.