UQ, Please Bring Back mySI-net Sign Ons

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Two weeks ago, a new way to sign on for classes was announced -- 'My Timetable'. Replacing the current and fully-functional mySI-net sign-on system, 'My Timetable' gives students a small window to select preferences, from which an automatic system assigns classes to ensure they are clash-free. With mySI-net, students are given the date for a sign-on and individually select classes to their preference.

'My Timetable' takes away the students' right to choose. It's based on probability, so regardless if classes are selected in order of preference; a student might not be allocated into a class that works with their schedule.

UQ forgets that its students have lives outside of uni; some of which are very busy outside of class. The new system benefits those who don't have other commitments including family commitments and work. Furthermore, the system is disadvantaging those who live far away and who will not be able to make an early class. This does not even include the fact that life is unpredictable; more than ever as students. From family issues to struggles with mental health, the system does not account for the fact that we students are human.

Many students have expressed their dismay at the new system when the old system has worked in students' favour many times before. It is not to say that the old system is perfect, but even so, it allowed students to maintain control and autonomy over their classes. With the new system, a robot decides which class is best for us. At least with mySI-net, students had the opportunity to communicate with lecturers and course coordinators about classes and possible clashes.

UQ, please revert the sign-on system to what it was before. That way, we as students are able to select our own preferences to suit our schedules. If the system isn't broken, don't fix it.


Rhiannon Ward, on behalf of the students of UQ.