UQ must reverse their decision to suspend Drew Pavlou

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The University of Queensland has unjustly suspended undergraduate student Drew Pavlou for two years.

The university's hearing was secretive, the charges frivolous, and the panel was such that impartiality was impossible to guarantee.

Indeed this suspension appears to be the culmination of an ongoing vendetta against Drew due to his human rights activism at UQ. A decision made by an administration more interested in preserving business interests in China than in upholding principles such as freedom of expression,

This verdict is damaging Drew's academic goals and subsequent ambitions, strips him of his democratically elected position as UQ Senator, and will likely discourage legitimate political activism on university campuses especially activism critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

In the interests of justice and the preservation of free expression we call on the University of Queensland to reverse their decision to suspend Drew Pavlou for two years.