Prison Divestment

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Prison Divestment

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The University of Central Florida

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Started by Dream Defenders

We, the undersigned, are disgusted by the extensive human rights violations of  two of the largest private prisons in the United States, and in the world, The Corrections   Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group Inc.

Both private prisons have an extensive violation of human rights history, with   GEO being accused of running facilities violating “both international and US laws” and   CCA facilities being referred to as “Gladiator School(s)” by both its inmates and staff. Both detention centers have had several sexual assault charges and have reported   deaths occur within their facilities. On estimate, both facilities make around $159 per day, per inmate, and each have contracts with the Federal Government, and State Government to maintain their facilities 90% filled, forcing local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to actively seek out inmates to fill facilities.

Currently the University of Central Florida (UCF) invests, using Student Tuition   dollars, in the 37 Top Companies that contribute to both CCA and GEO. We condemn   the role of the University of Central Florida in perpetuating the cycle of oppression and   criminalization of black and brown and immigrant communities and are especially   appalled by the usage of our tuition dollars to maintain this cycle.

For these reasons, we demand that:

  1. UCF send an official letter to the 36 major financial investors: I.) formally requesting that the 36 major financial investors divest from GEO and CCA and II.) stating that they (UCF) will officially divest from the 36 major financial investors if they fail to comply.
  2. UCF divest from any and all of the 36 major financial investors who failed to comply.
  3. UCF makes a public statement on explaining why they divested
  4. UCF implement a socially responsible investment (SRI) process such as negative screening

The University’s current investment process clearly contradicts their mission to “stand for opportunity”. Join us in demanding that UCF stops their part in perpetuating the extensive violation of human rights by meeting our aforementioned demands.

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This petition had 1,740 supporters

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