Review the selection of QMU's Chancellor

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Currently within the institution the role of Chancellor is to be the ceremonial head of the university in which they presides over the graduation ceremony, represent the university at events and within the wider-world as the University's ambassador. This is currently held by television personality and restaurateur, Prue Leith. 

However such an important role is not chosen by the students or staff whom they represent but by the University Court. The Court is the university's governing body that is responsible for carrying out the objectives of the University, ensuring the financial sustainability of the University and approving the strategic plan. Though The Court has the best interests for the University, it is not representative of it's students and staff with only 3 academic staff members representing all staff members and the Student Union President and One other Student Union Executive Member representing the entire student body.

This current system is undemocratic, unaccountable and doesn't reflect the views or desires of the student body or staff. Therefore I suggest the University Court and the  Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Petra Wend, conduct and review the methods of selecting the University's Chancellor. This should especially take account the opinion of the student body and university staff, may this be done by individual consultation or by a town hall style event.

In my opinion, I believe we should take a note from our fellow Scottish Universities such as University of Glasgow or University of Edinburgh in their elections of their Rector and elect our Chancellor. Candidates should be nominated by a percentage of the staff or students then an election for the role of chancellor shall be held. The Chancellor should represent an area of study within the university, be an inspirational figure that students look up to and admire or be prominent and admired alumni of the university. They should represent the university's core values and champion the causes of students and staff. 

Our representatives, even if they are ceremonial, shouldn't be chosen for us and we should have a say in that choice. I therefore ask Queen Margaret University to take a review into consideration and ask you to support this cause. Thank you for reading!