JUSTICE FOR ERIC 2019!!!!!!!!!

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This petition is based on a Brooklyn Man named Eric Deberry who had been incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Eric was incarcerated for Over 21 Years. And Monday night June 22 ,2020 he was finally served justice. 15 years ago the actual shooter came forward and confessed, however was not found credible. Recently the only evidence used (the victims testimony) to convict Eric has recanted (Changed his story).

The only witness to the crime has now come forward with the truth and has stated that 20 years ago the detective working the case from the 81st precinct (in Brooklyn) both bribed and threatened the witness to falsely accuse Eric for the crime was incarcerated for.

 Eric had a Actual innocence motion pending in The King County courts and for the first time ever since 2014 the state of New York has granted a actual innocence motion. Meaning without a doubt he is innocent.

Although Eric is finally home he has to start from nothing and get his life together we are asking for help with helping him move forward after such an injustice.

please go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/EricDeberry to help him

GoFundMe.com/f/EricDeberry Any help involving extremely important matter is greatly appreciated and Eric and his family thank you for the love and support in these trying times. Please also SHARE!!! on every Platform!!!!!

Freedom is a must!!!!!!!