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Petitioning Environmental Defense Fund and 5 others

Stop polluting the air with Chemtrails,Geoengineering!

First as a Human on Earth like humans before we have a right to a clean clear sky for aesthetics. Second we have a right to not be exposed to chemicals, metals, and whatever with out our permission. This is a violation of basic Human rights! This must stop. We already have so many toxins to deal with as it is. Please help bring awareness and ask the President to take this seriously.

Letter to
Environmental Defense Fund
The United States President, The Airforce, NASA, and HAARP.
and 3 others
Student OSU-Cascades Sustainability BA Amy Berg Pickett
U.S. Senate Committee Environment & Public Works Senator Barbara Boxer (U.S. Senate Committee Environment & Public Works)
US Senator Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (US Senator Oregon)
Stop polluting the air with Chemtrails, Geoengineering!