Rescind Your Latest Ruling On Model FPV Flying And The Personal & Commercial Use Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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Rescind Your Latest Ruling On Model FPV Flying And The Personal & Commercial Use Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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FPV America LLC,.. started this petition to F.A.A. The United States Federal Aviation Administration and


I am Edward Lyons, founder of FPV America. FPV or First Person View is the act of placing a camera on RC Helicopters, Planes, Multirotors & Surface RC Vehicles like cars and trucks. The camera sends a live video feed back to the Pilot or Driver on the ground so he or she is actually seeing a view, "from the pilot's seat," while flying or driving.

Let me be clear, these are model aircraft flown by average citizens; NOT drones used by the government for military, tactical, or surveillance purposes.

The F.A.A. has recently issued a, "Notice of Clarification," that will greatly impact our community of pilots; including those doing this for fun, and those wanting to use these aircraft for purposeful uses such as search and rescue operations. Please see the attached link (courtesy about these most recent, archaic rulings:

We are a responsible group of aviation enthusiasts who regularly police our own members with regards to safety, privacy and the responsible operation of our RC aircraft. Our members range from the novice to industry experts, and we meet often in-person, and in online forums to discuss our hobby. Our fellow pilots are from all over the planet, and our community transcends geo-political lines.

As we know, from our interacations with those outside the United States, many other nations have succesfully integrated these unmanned aircraft into their airspace for both recreational AND commerical purposes. The United States has not done so and, as a result, is currently falling behind in this new multi-billion dollar industry.

We The People have a right to OUR airspace to practice and engage in our hobby. We have a right to commercial purposeful use of this airspace as well. 

Please sign our petition and make your voice be heard. We here at FPV America intend to aggresively pursue and protect the rights of our fellow FPV Pilots & Drivers so please join us in this fight!

Thank you,

Edward Lyons

Founder and CEO FPV America

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This petition had 7,984 supporters

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