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Continuing to build on historic human conduct is to continue pursuing the unavoidable destiny of failure.

Letter to
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon The United Nations Assembly
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The United Nations Assembly.

Continuing to build on historic human conduct is to continue pursuing the unavoidable destiny of failure.
January 27, 2012

Dear Secretary General, members of the United Nations Assembly

We refer to our November 25 Declaration as petitioned and surface mailed to the UN in a 36 page hard copy document December 1, 2011, c/- Mr Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, stating the demands by people from all parts of the world irrespective of race, social status or cultural background, for change in the global political system and that November 25 will be recognized as the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS by the UN, all governments and government unions. Please see the full documentation at the VOICES FOR CHANGE WEB SITE:

Further reference to our 2012 follow up petitions is documented at:

WE REMIND OF THE URGENCY OF ISSUES OF CONCERN throughout the VOICES FOR CHANGE WEB SITE which must be addressed by all members of the international heads of state and organizations community. While we see fragmented signs of issues being addressed, signs of any forward moving resolutions remain out of sight. We put it to all governments and organizations that this entire world community is on a collision course with irreversible physical, mental and moral degeneration. We urge that a visible cooperative effort is made by all governing bodies and organizations to treat this trend of destruction as a matter of the highest priority.

VOICES FOR CHANGE are the voices of people from all corners of the World. WE are the people, not yet another organization to add to the thousands of rhetorical bureaucracies. As such we are demanding changes in the Global political system where no co-operation is to be found unless there is money to be made. This world is a world of business, any business at all, irrespective of who or what suffers and dies as a consequence, Life is of no concern in the world of business. Big business, irrespective of political, corporate, religious or individual motivation, is bringing this entire world down to its knees, into the dungeons, to breathe, eat and drink the foul air and poisonous residue left by a financiers driven industry claiming to do it all for the prosperity of mankind.

The entire world of "business" is flawed and fake. You know it, and everyone knows it. We will not go into details and statistics, since these are available at anyone's fingertips. People don't need details and daily changing statistics, we don't need anymore political rhetoric and endless conventions. We need no more lies, no more deceit, no more secret services, no more wars, no more war arsenal, mass conditioning and no more atrocities and destruction from whatever level of society. WE NEED CHANGE.

As we now live in a Globalized world where the entire global ecosystem and all people are affected by decisions made at political levels to which the majority of people have no access, change must be initiated by all such bodies with the resources and means to do so, such as the UN, EU, AU, ASEAN, and every existing government. Change and reform in a failed society cannot come about unless ALL governments and government bodies co-operate.

Some key points made in our November 25 document to the UN demanding change herewith, all can be seen in the VOICES FOR CHANGE web site :

• To call a UN Assembly meeting to establish a globally televised dialog with all nations in possession and believed to be in possession and/or development of Military Weapons and Nuclear War Arsenal. This must include both UN member and non member government heads. To call for such meeting to be held no later than end February, 2012

• Discuss with ALL member and non member governments the absolute necessity of an end to wars, armed conflicts, and a new, fully transparent means to generate cooperation towards a Resolution on Global Peace such as:

• To include in the dialogue that the entire Global Environment destruction, human and animal atrocities must be dealt with as ONE HUMANITY CONCERN under one umbrella, signed and adhered to by ALL nations.

• That ALL chemical and atrocities based farming, laboratory and entertainment industries and practices are shut down and all abused and neglected animals will be provided properly maintained sanctuaries.

• That ALL people irrespective of social status, including armed forces, affected by changes due to destruction industry phase out and all people unemployed for any reason other than of disability and retirement age shall be allocated work in environment and social healing productivity at equitable, sustainable financial remuneration.

• That ALL destructive industries are to be phased out during the year 2012 while new ecologically sound industries are given priority assistance.

• That any patent claims on ownership of modified Natural Ecologic, Human and Animal Resources are to be dissolved and ceased from being allowed legal ownership.

• That ALL governments are to be responsible for ending all industries based on human slavery, people trafficking , people oppression, wildlife and environment destruction.

• That ALL displaced refugees world wide shall be given safe return to their mother country or be given citizenship rights in the country where they are held imprisoned in jails and refugee camps.

• That ALL people who have lost their homes due to bureaucratic and financial institutions manipulation shall be given back their homes and be granted to repay their borrowings without interest.

Our demands need to be taken serious and as of immediate need to be implemented, as history speaks as proof that humanity has constantly failed itself and cannot continue the path of destruction and all its associated atrocities any longer. The time for change for ALL concerned is NOW.

The People of this World thank you for your time.
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