End the ban on Grizzly Bear hunting in BC.

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The decision by the NDP government in British Columbia to ban Grizzly Bear hunting has little scientific data to back it and is more of a political movement.  This ban has stripped the rights of BC residents to sustainably hunt Grizzly Bear and has negatively affected the Hunting Guide community.  There are an estimated 15000 Grizzly Bears in British Columbia, with an average of 2% harvested legally each year.  With the hunting ban on Grizzlies in place removing the highly regulated wildlife management practices, bear numbers will be negatively effected, human and bear encounters will increase and poaching numbers will climb.  There where over 250000 signatures to ban the Grizzly hunt, now its our turn to show our numbers, to show who supports sustainable wildlife management practices.  If you support Grizzly Bear Hunting in BC and reinstating Grizzly Bear hunting in BC please sign this petition.  Thank you