#Adivasi Mulnivasi /Cancellation of SC Tribal Eviction Order

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Respected Sir/Madam,

I on behalf of all the Adivasis request you to sign the petition for Cancellation of SC Tribal Eviction Order. We demand that the petitioners withdraw their case against the Forest Rights Act 2006 and the Govt. ensure that the February 13th order of the Honorable Supreme Court for Eviction of about 1.8 million Tribal and Forest dwelling families be withdrawn.

The rights of Tribal communities & Indigenous population are an integral part of any sustainable and just model of conservation, as is now recognized in International law. While the world is celebrating 2019 as International Year of Indigenous Languages what an irony they are being evicted from their homes in our country. The Supreme Court order is "UNJUST" to the tribals as well as against interest of Wildlife conservation in India. It is not pro-Conservation as the petitioners( few Wildlife groups) suggest, on the contrary it is a real setback for Conservation in India.

Though the SC stayed its order, we Adivasis see it as a temporary reprieve & are wary that the order maybe overturned in absence of a proper law to protect us in keeping with the Forest Rights Act. It was made with an object to recognize the rights of "Forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes"(FDSTs) and " Other traditional Forest dwellers"(OTFDs) who have been residing in forests for generations but whose rights have not been recorded. They are extremely poor, illiterate, not well informed of their rights and procedures under the act, live in remote & inaccessible areas of the forests. It is highly difficult for them to substantiate their claims before Competent authorities.

I request you to think liberally. When Brahmins were evicted from Jammu & Kashmir, it was a huge issue, now when Adivasis are evicted from across 16 states - silence is prevailing. Media is also reluctant to raise this issue or debate on it.

I demand as  an #Adivasi Mulnivasi, the Cancellation of SC Tribal Eviction Order and not a " Stay" on it ; along with an Ordinance to ensure that our rights are protected.

I humbly request you all to sign this petition for us Adivasis and please help us to protect our rights & Existence.

Thanking you.