The UN must take control over all rain forests!

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We demand that governments around the world shall lobby internationally for the big forests around the world (South America, Africa, Indonesian islands, Russia and Canada) to be declared international areas whose economic use is prohibited.

Those forests are a huge storage of CO2 which must stay put and must not be burned. Instead those forests have to be grown again so they can help us to fight against climate change. All illegal and legal deforestation has to stop immediately if we want to reach the Paris goals.

The riparian states must be compensated accordingly and the areas must be controlled and protected internationally. There should be an international military control of those forests to ensure a stop of the deforestation and to protect an organized reforestation. This targeted reforestation must be carried out to ensure oxygen saturation of the planet and the corresponding CO2 conversion.
This measure must have the highest priority!

More information can be found on the website of the World Economic Forum.

Video credits: Christie Todd