When Boris is forced out of or leaves Number 10, we'll have a national street party

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Boris Johnson has lied and cheated to get to Number 10. He has misled UK voters on numerous occasions, and has used dog-whistle politics to fulfil a burning personal ambition, devoid of the national interest.

If we have enough support, we will arrange a huge party. We'll look at holding it in a big London street, maybe even near Parliament. If we have enough national support, we will arrange street parties all across the country. We will celebrate hope and be happy that we no longer have this miscreant in power.

It will be a party of positivity. It will be a time for us all to come together, regardless of our political persuasion, and reject everything that Boris Johnson stands for. We will call on mayors and councils to allow the people to hold festivals of democracy.

We will send a clear message to any future Prime Minister - no to nationalism, no to populism, no to racism, no to lying and a big fat NO to thinking that the despicable Donald Trump style of political leadership can become ours.

Why? Because we are better than that. Much better. And as a people we need to unite for the common good.


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